Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Placement of guests in hotel on the ph./fax.:

(05355) 5-25-97
(093) 664-95-20
(067) 134-54-68
(066) 602-46-05

Detailed information directly about the restaurant menu, arrangement of tables, the concert program — the manager of restaurant, ph.:

(05355) 5-31-84
(063) 602-87-46
(099) 512-77-05
(063) 474-38-10

Taxi phones:

15-52, 066 516-42-58;
22-022, 050 304-84-14, 067 377-99-33, 093 477-44-33;

Weather in Mirgorod


The Mirgorod hotel has 48 comfortable numbers and contains about 120 people. In the numbers «Luxury» there is a possibility to place occasional seats on folding chairs. In double rooms (except a double compact) can be established additional beds for children till 18 years, occasional seats are paid and their cost makes the 160th UAH \days.

  • In hotel «Mirgorod ***" daily fee on accommodation is established. An estimated time — 12:00.
    At hotel accommodation there are less than days — daily cost of accommodation in number is paid.
  • In case of early arrival TILL 11:00 at further accommodation or late departure AFTER 13:00 after hotel accommodation payment is carried out at a rate of a half of cost of accommodation in number.
    At this type of early arrival the free breakfast is provided.
  • In case of early arrival AFTER 11:00 or late departure TILL 13:00 payment is carried out of costs of one additional hour of accommodation in number of a certain category.
    At this type of early arrival the free breakfast isn’t provided.
  • Booking individual is free, except the special periods: Sorochinsky fairs, New Year’s dniya of t.
  • Booking group is always carried out on the 100th % advance payment on all volume of the settlement in 7 days prior to the planned arrival, and in case of the special periods — a reservation is only 100% advance payment of cost of the reservation, otherwise an institution doesn’t guarantee the settlement.
  • Booking on Sorochinsky fairs is paid and makes the стоимость1st days of reserved number regardless of a stake-vaprozhitykhof days, is collected in addition to a room rate, the hotel guarantees the settlement on Sorochinsky fairs only under condition of reservation payment. For допместо and early arrival the reservation isn’t COLLECTED. Numbers on Sorochinsky fairs are on sale not less, than on the 2nd days; \
  • For New Year’s holidays of number are on sale at the special prices in a package with the New Year’s program for the period with 31.12 till 03.01 (information on it is provided in addition).
  • The Exception makes Presidential number — its booking during the special periods is free, but demands 100% of an advance payment.
  • The Hotel doesn’t lodge a bigger quantity of guests, than it is provided by category of number.