Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Placement of guests in hotel on the ph./fax.:

(05355) 5-25-97
(093) 664-95-20
(067) 134-54-68
(066) 602-46-05

Detailed information directly about the restaurant menu, arrangement of tables, the concert program — the manager of restaurant, ph.:

(05355) 5-31-84
(063) 602-87-46
(099) 512-77-05
(063) 474-38-10

Taxi phones:

15-52, 066 516-42-58;
22-022, 050 304-84-14, 067 377-99-33, 093 477-44-33;

Weather in Mirgorod


Today Myrhorod a resort is a world-wide health-resort that did not lose the long-term reputation. Here, in this blessed edge, people arrive not only from Ukraine, post-soviet republics but also from Western Europe, USA, to receive medical treatment, have a drink a «queen of waters» — «Myrhorod», to rest, in plenty to breathe the crisp air, made drunk the smell of pine-needle, pratal herbares, colors, to take a walk in the resort birchwood stopped up in 1934, by the way, in natural landscape reserve of regional value.

Among the curative factors of resort, undoubtedly, mineral water, near after the descriptions to waters of the sources of alpine resorts of Baden-Baden, Аахена known in the world, costs on the first place.

Myrhorod a resort is in the center of Ukraine. He, it be possible to say, has geopolitical position, as is in the middle between Kyiv and Kharkiv. Those, who gave preference to the Myrhorod resort, both habitants of the capital and Kharkiv, will not have time to feel and drops of tiredness in transit, in fact superexpress «Kyiv is Kharkiv» through 2,5 hour will deliver with a comfort in a really peaceful city on healthful water.