Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Placement of guests in hotel on the ph./fax.:

(05355) 5-25-97
(093) 664-95-20
(067) 134-54-68
(066) 602-46-05

Detailed information directly about the restaurant menu, arrangement of tables, the concert program — the manager of restaurant, ph.:

(05355) 5-31-84
(063) 602-87-46
(099) 512-77-05
(063) 474-38-10

Taxi phones:

15-52, 066 516-42-58;
22-022, 050 304-84-14, 067 377-99-33, 093 477-44-33;

Weather in Mirgorod

Konferencz zal

The conference hall of hotel is located on a 5 floor of building and counted on 80 places directly in a hall and 4–6 persons at the table of presidium. A hall is equipped two by a wire and by one radiomicrophone, by two monitors 42?, information on that hatches from electronic carriers through a computer.

For creation of comfort terms during realization of employments an apartment is equipped by conditioners.

In a lobby before included in a conference hall it is possible to organize and conduct «coffees-pauses» with bringing in of personnel and use of serving and equipment of restaurant.

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